transstudent: Hey Tumblr, we’re hiring! We are looking for trans…


Hey Tumblr, we’re hiring! We are looking for trans youth to fill four crucial roles in our organization, including a social media manager, event coordinator, shipping manager, and financial director. Please share this post widely!

We’re thrilled to begin hiring trans people to work with us! All of our current positions are part time and most are flexible in location (you will be working remotely). Applicants must reside within the United States. We encourage you to apply to them as soon as possible because we will be doing selections on a rolling basis. We request applications be sent in by September 10th. If you feel you are qualified, you may apply to multiple positions.

We make sure our employees are paid at least $15/hour, regardless of their locations. As with all our jobs, we prioritize trans youth of color (particularly Black and Indigenous trans youth) in our selections but applications are open to all. 

Learn more on our web site!

There are only a few days left to apply! Thanks for all of the support we’ve received the past few weeks. ❤️