I hate people so much. I had no issues until he said the…

I hate people so much. I had no issues until he said the available thing and disregarded what I said before.

I have been sitting on this transcript (sorry I don’t have screencaps) for almost two years now and…

I have been sitting on this transcript (sorry I don’t have screencaps) for almost two years now and had to share it. A month or two after I came out, one of my siblings contacted me out of the blue on Steam with this. For context, I am a trans woman (mtf) and have been married to a woman I will call “sarah” before and throughout my transition.


Connected again and rejoined chat.
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: oh btw I have to come to the realisation not that I don’t think what you’re doing is wrong but that it seems pointless to have a sex change.
ME: uh, why?
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: you’re already married, and you like girls right? why would you want to remove your thing at that point like fair enough if you want to dress like a girl and shit but seems kinda stupid past that too me.
ME: girls can like girls
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: yeah but you know what they do? they wear strap ons.
ME: and it’s not about just about how I dress, it’s about how I feel about myself
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: they pretend to have a dick not the otherway round
ME: and how I feel about my body
ME: and the fact that my body makes me feel very uncomfortable
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: what actually makes it feel uncomfortable?
ME: the fact that I am in it
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: lol thats not a valid reason to just say it does
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: like so what if you have a penis or a vagina
ME: well, that’s just part of it
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: plus if you do have children then i have a huge problem with it
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: cause they will lack a father figure
ME: lol, dude that hasn’t proven to mean much in longitudanal studies of families
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: thats a load of bullshit and you know it
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: those studies have hardly been conducted.
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: anyways I just cant get around it, its not like we’re not family but I just think its a stupid thing to go through it now
ME: well, when would you suggest going through it? That’s like me saying it’s stupid for you to be depressed now. can’t you do it later?
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: yeah I could do it later but im not gunna.
ME: why not?
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: because its happening right now, and my current mental health is what it is. its not like im cutting myself
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: its not actually physically changing me
ME: the physical changes are the only effective method of treating gender dysphoria. as you say about your depression, it is happening now and it is affecting my mental health. why is your depression so much more important to treat?
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: hahaha chopping of your dick isnt a treatment for mental health
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: its like saying you can cure depression by just cutting out your brain
ME: you don’t have to believe me, because you have obviously made up your mind. But I caution you against making these kinds of judgements about me before doing any research into what I am going through
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: m8 I just think that its kinda fucked up that you all of a sudden to decide to go through with such a drastic change, and even if sarah is okay with it I feel like doing that to her is just fucked up.
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: like if sarah wasnt okay with it what would you do
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: are you just coming out with it because she is?
ME: This isn’t a snap decision. It’s not something I just woke up one day and felt. It seems sudden to you because I often don’t talk about the way that I feel. As for how it affects sarah, it is very hard for her. Much harder than she lets on to other people. But she feels that she and I made a committment to be with each other, and we still love each other. Even if she was against it I would do it. I am not going to live my life stressed out and depressed every day just because of somebody else. When you are ready to listen and accept my decisions and the way I feel I will be happy to talk to you about it, but I will not sit here and try to convince you about how I feel.
CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER: you don’t have to convince me but I think its retarded to if you had these feelings before all of a sudden explore them it seems all very irrational. why would you of just not done it early instead of making sarah move contries and get married etc.