Please help, I’m in danger


Tw: Cheating, abuse, homelessness, suicidal ideation

Please dear god help me

I just found out my partner (B) that I’m living with has been cheating on me. He’s been demanding I go back and live with (Partner A) on and off, and right now, (Partner A) can’t take me for very valid reasons ((Partner A) is not a bad person – (Partner A), do not feel bad, this is not your fault, i love you). When the answer came back that (Partner A) can’t take me in, he started to get very insistent I find somewhere else to live and that I __need__ to leave.

I’ve been fearing homelessness, and the stress has been enough that I’ve been, for weeks now, thinking I need to be in the hospital so I don’t kill myself. Seeing that I lack any kind of support in-person, this hasn’t happened, and i’ve been left in a state of danger.

This morning, I woke up in pain, stayed up a few hours to try and wait the pain off, then, very tired, I was gonna go back to sleep. I check Partner B’s phone to see what time his alarm is supposed to go off so I don’t go to sleep for 10 mins then get woke right back up. It was right there. In the open.

He’s cheating on me. Instead of being open and honest about his love interests, and requesting I spend some time elsewhere so he can spend time with this person, he’s made me fear for my life, fear being homeless, and been dishonest about dating someone else. The number one rule in this entire polyamourous relationship – in which no one is required to date or frankly even like everyone else’s partners – is that you be open and honest about who you’re dating.

This is abuse. Let alone my fear of homelessness.

Please. I don’t want to be homeless. And I don’t want to be here anymore.

I need your help.

I need money for a plane ticket, for myself and for my cat. IT’s very possible I have somewhere to go, at least for now, so I’m asking for help with travel. Money for food, clothes, to help with expenses of housing me. Anything. Anything you can give, please. Please do. Spread this around to your friends by relogging this or signal boosting this. Please. PLEASE help me. I can’t be homeless again. My body can’t take it. is my paypal, if you have any money to spare.

If you don’t hear back from me within the next week or two, it’s because I’m choosing to hospitalize myself instead of leaving myself up to danger.

Close friend! Please help if you can, or at least reblog!