I’m sorry but I need to know: Are you transmedicalists or support them? I’m tired of their abuse and how they’re ruining our community and I can’t support any trans person/organization alligned with such dangerous nonsense.

Hi anon!
If you mean people who are arguing that “being trans is a medical condition/disease/disorder” then no, we are not. While we cannot speak as TSER is a collective group of many different young trans people, the admins of this page have actually worked to ensure that trans people are treated as their gender regardless of medical history and are able to receive informed consent-based care and name/gender changes in school. At least one of us has published papers before on depathologization and the limitations of considering “trans” as a medical condition. Additionally, our comprehensive model policy on trans students in colleges and universities highlights that it is crucial to treat trans people as their gender regardless of medical history). Removing being transgender from medical texts and simply allowing us to be ourselves and access gender-affirming care if we want it is so important for our community. 

I hope this answers your question!