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Support the first ever donor-powered housing project for the LGBT community!

HostHome is turbo charging the informal hosting economy within the LGBT community. “We are already doing this! I don’t know another queer woman who hasn’t had a younger sibling on their sofa at one point or another.” (Ava)  We are bringing this network above ground.

Looking at housing stability services, we see HostHome in a specific niche. From lease rentals, to section 8 housing, to transitional housing programs, to shelters, to motel stays, to informal couchsurfing, to living on the street; HostHome immediately houses folx, where traditional methods would leave us sitting on the waiting lists for shelters. Our goal is to build a user interface that gives the hosts control and finds better matches immediately.

Learn more on their YouCaring page

Are they only in Baltimore? My partner and I have considered becoming hosts/transitional housing for at risk LGBT youth in our area but aren’t quite sure how to do that so if this is national, we’d love to get involved. 

They’re expanding nationally at the moment. You may want to check out their website and get in contact with them if you’re interested.